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Are you looking for something: unique, original, exclusive and above all very special? My Creative Prints specializes in personalized thank yous!

One of our strengths is our creativity:our collection is available exclusively from My Creative Prints. Everything is conceived, worked out, and produced within our workshop.


Something for everyone


Nothing is more fun than thanking the guests at your party with an original gift. Which they can also store and use afterward. FOR A LASTING MEMORY …

Envelope box

Doesn’t the birthday boy/girl know what to ask for as gifts? Ask for a cent, then he/she chooses their own present…

Dress up your table with this nice envelope box! This way you can store all envelopes with the pennies in a safe and stylish way. The box comes with a lock and key.

Don't forget your godparents!

A nice reminder of a beautiful day...

Say it with a flower … Mother and grandma are definitely fans of this fun personalized flower pot. This one will shine on the windowsill for years.

Looking for an original gift for father or grandpa? These are our glass coasters: original, personalized and above all TOUGH!

Too many good pictures to choose from?

Choose our: "Triple silhouette"

This consists of 3 different silhouettes on 1 base. Ideal for those who have the stress of choice. Make sure you go here for the same “kind” of pose for the best result!