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Information about delivering and taking your pictures.

Jpg, TIFF & PDF file formats can be processed. The files are best stored at 300DPI with 8 bits or 16 bits and a preset sRGB colour size uploaded. If you have no idea what any of those words mean, then you can just rely on us. Of course, it is also automatically checked whether the data of your files are suitable for your order and a high-quality production.

At My Creative Prints, you can upload files up to 1GB in jpg or tif format. Your file must be at least 0.4 megapixel (i.e. 700×700 pixels). The max size for photo files is limited to 625 megapixels. For example, depending on the size of your photo, your photo may have the following dimensions:

Square: 25,000 x 25,000 pixels
3:2: 30,600 x 20,400 pixels
4:3: 28,850 x 21,650 pixels
19:6: 33,300 x 18,750 pixels
4:1: 50,000 x 12,500 pixels

For photos with optimal results, it’s best to upload files with 300DPI, 8BIT, and sRGB colour space. If this doesn’t tell you anything, you can trust us. Of course, your image files are automatically tested for suitability and quality and are produced at a high quality.

You can upload your file both in RGB and CMYK. CMYK files are converted to sRGB during the production process. If your file does not have a color profile, we assume that your file has a sRGB profile. For black and white photos, the file automatically gets a GrayGamm2.2 color profile.

You can select an image crop, change orientation, control image values, and add different image effects. When editing photos, you come to edit via photo.


Information about placing and paying for an order.

This can only be done via our webshop. Unfortunately, it is not possible via mail or facebook or other channels.

If you would like to change an order, please contact our customer service on +32 9 296 44 68. SOMETHING can only be changed if the order is not yet in production.

They will then guide you further to complete your purchase.

Cancellation is only possible if your order is not yet in production. Has your product already been shipped? Then you can no longer return the package.


Information about shipping costs and free in-store pickup.

If your order needs to be delivered to your home, this is 7,50. Pick-up at a DPD collection point is also possible and this amounts to 5,50. Pick up in our store is free. Even if your order exceeds 100 (excluding VAT), this cost will be eliminated.

This is certainly possible, the best thing is that you agree with us. If you have an urgent order, we can always plan it in production, you can select the function “URGENT” for this. There is an additional cost of €25,00.

Neutral shipping means that My Creative Prints is not recognizable as a producer or sender. Your address will then be listed as a sender and on the products and packaging you will not find a logo of My Creative Prints. On the invoice, you are specified (as the purchaser) as a contact partner for the recipient. Neutral shipping can be useful when you want to resell the products and send them directly to your customers. This must be stated in advance when you place the order.

That’s certainly possible. When ordering a product, you can indicate whether you want to have it delivered or collected. If you pick it up, there are of course no shipping costs.


Information about all the possibilities of payments.

Online you can pay with Bancontact (card and App), credit card (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal, Apple Pay or by manual bank transfer.

Since we only work with a webshop, this is not possible.

When ordering your product, choose the Payment Method Bancontact and confirm the payment with your Bancontact card or with the Payconiq by Bancontact App on your Smartphone. Paying with Bancontact is safe and completely free.

You can only make a payment via our payment system Mollie. This has a Dutch account number. Mollie is a protected and secure payment platform in accordance with EU regulations. Only if you choose depreciation will you find it at checkout on your confirmation receipt. Via other payment methods you can proceed directly to the requested function.

Yes. As soon as you start checkout, you will end up in a secure internet environment. This way, others don’t get a chance to sneak along. Your transaction data is sent encrypted via an SSL connection. You can recognize a secure SSL connection by the lock in your browser.