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Flower pot

Flower pots

Bloemen fleuren je op. En het wordt nog leuker als je de potjes kan gaan personaliseren met een leuk motief of met je favoriete foto’s.Deze bloempotjes kan je voor elk moment gaan gebruiken: moederdag, een verjaardag, communie, een leuke decoratie voor thuis,… .

Plantjes niet inbegrepen.

We hebben ze in 2 verschillende formaten.

Let your dreams blossom

Mini or Big?

Surprise the guests at your party with a unique and cool mini flower pot with photos of the reveler, wedding couple or baby,… A flower pot gift for the best grandma or godmother! 🌸 This will surely give them a lot of joy!

The mini flower pots: are about 6cm high and available from 10 pieces, ideal as a thank you for every guest at the party.

The large flower pot: is about 13cm high and is available from 1 piece. Ideal for an original gift.

Personalize your potty to your liking, choose your favorite design and personalize it with a beautiful photo.

Something for everyone


The mini flower pots are suitable for the smallest plants. You’ll find these in a flower specialty store.

Personalize as you like!

Order your flower pot in just 3 steps. You choose one of our trendy designs, you personalize the inscription on the pot and then upload your photo.

You can also combine the flower pots. For example, for a wedding, you give the witnesses and parents the big version and for all the other guests the mini version.

A flower for every moment ...