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Face masks
Personalized mouth masks

Stylish face masks

OEKO TEX certified – Double micro Satin
Attachment: Elastic stretchers that can be placed behind the ears.

Protect yourself in an original way!

First of all, the personalized face masks are not medical masks. They do not contain particulate filters, such as N95 type medical face masks. But they do provide the protection you need for everyday use and help prevent virus transmission. In addition, the personalized face masks are required for public use in many areas and are now recommended for outdoor use.


The masks are washable in the washing machine in a closed lingerie bag up to 60°C

Belgian product

All masks are designed, printed and stitched in our own workshop. From fabric to mask!


Because of the elastic stretchers you can wear the mask to your liking.

OEKO TEX certified

They're also comfortable for people with skin allergies.

Easy breathing

The fabric is double layered but still has a pleasant feeling while breathing.


For a company, a school,... or just for your kids or yourself? Anything is possible!

VTM NEWS (belgian) came along!

VTM NIEUWS came to us to take a look at our personalized face masks…

The personalized face masks are realized from fabric to mask in our workshop. You can easily personalize them completely to your liking via our editor. First of all, we print your created layout on the OEKO TEX certified fabric. (This is colourfast while washing). Finally, these are cut out and then go to our stitchers. A fast, reliable, and ESPECIALLY a Belgian product! And whether we are proud of our personalized face masks 😉

For all ages

Stylish & unique

You can fully personalize your personalised face masks to your liking via our website. But we already have plenty of great designs waiting for you. Do you want it to be sober, cool or do you want to be the center of attention? We always have a design that will fit you.

Finishing touches

All personalized face masks are finished with a white or black decoration board that is then chosen by our experienced stitchers. Because the personalized masks are sewn together in the middle, we do not recommend images that are used over the entire length of the masks.

EARS: These are round elastic SOFT stretchers that you can tie yourself behind your ears. You can adjust the mask and tie it at the desired distance.
TIP: You can burn the ends a little bit, so they never fray again.

Companies, associations, non-profit organizations, events …

Personalize it with your company's corporate identity

Society has been structurally transformed by the outbreak of Covid-19. Personal health and protection have become a part of our daily lives. Also protect your employees and clients with a personalized face mask.

Personalized face masks in the corporate identity of your company, event, sports club,… These appear warmer, friendlier and above all more professional than traditional surgical masks. They even become a “new” way to do marketing.