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Memory Box

Save your best memories in a stylish box. We have these in different shapes and sizes.

We have a box for the memories, an envelope box with or without a lock, a large box for toys,…

Our boxes are made with care and are not only personal and original but also have a beautiful warm look. Ideal for collecting all your beautiful memories.

A box full of happy memories!

Keep it in a box

Which one do you choose?

An original box for every occasion.

Envelope box with sliding lid: 30cm B x 40cm L x 21cm H

Envelope box with lock: 40cm B x 40cm L x 40cm H

Sliding lid box: 30cm B x 40cm L x 21cm H

Box LARGE with sliding lid: 30cm B x 40cm L x 41cm H

Personalize your box to your liking. Choose your favorite design, customize the text, and add photos to your liking.

Something for everyone


Box left (Box Jérome) is the ‘Envelope box with sliding lid’,above (Box family) the ‘Big memory box’ and right (Box Maurice) is the ‘Envelope box with lock’.