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Our Silhouettes are hip, trendy and unique. We have the Silhouettes in many different versions but our real bestseller is our MINI-SILHOUETTES! The MUSTHAVE at every communion or spring party, wedding, baby drink,…

We make the most beautiful cut out for you!

Strike a pose...

Mini or normal?

Surprise the guests at your party with a unique and cool silhouette of the wedding couple, baby, party animal, … The crazier the pose, the better the result will be, WOW effect assured! Godmother, grandma, godfather or grandpa will be more then happy by the large or triple silhouette

The mini sihouettes: are about 10cm high and available from 10 pieces, ideal as a thank you for every guest at the party.

The regular silhouettes: are about 25 cm high and are available each. Ideal for an original gift.

The triple silhouettes: these are 3 silhouettes on 1 base. They are about 16 cm high and 30cm wide. Ideal for those who can’t choose…

Personalize your base as desired, upload your photo and we’ll do the rest…

Something for everyone


Do something fun, do something crazy, or be a real lady… “almost” anything is possible in our silhouettes.

Tough, Fun, sweet, or with a hobby...

What's your preference?

You can turn almost any picture into a silhouette. Whether you have a hobby, a favorite pet, or a nice idea for a pose,… The only pose we really DISAPPROVE OF is a seated or reclining photo. In these poses, the silhouettes aren’t that beautiful.

Personalize as you like!

Order your silhouette in just 3 steps. You choose one of our trendy designs, you personalize the base, and then upload your photo. We’ll cut these out for you. So you don’t have to do this yourself.

Cut-out between the legs

An opening or white padded?

This depends on the position of the feet. Do you want a cut between the legs? Then make sure that the model puts the feet on the same line. This allows an opening to be made if the legs are far enough apart.

With this silhouette, you can see that one foot is slightly further than the other so that an opening between the legs is not possible. We fill this up with a white background. If your son or daughter is for example in the grass, we will erase the grass and make it white.


Double the trouble,...

Not for our silhouette!!

You can just place them together on one silhouette. Let them cuddle tightly and you’ll get the most beautiful silhouette ever 😉